Turing on Currency, Queer Women in Sports, & Clearing out Zombie Apps

British banknote will feature Alan Turing, codebreaker persecuted for being gay. Enjoying sex after menopause. How to talk to young people about abortion. The trajectory of queer women in professional sports. Break the stigma of being non-binary and step out of the shadows. When Hollywood arranged marriages for queer movie stars. The education app survivors of sexual assault are using to regain confidence. The suffragettes who opposed birth control. How to delete all your zombie apps and online accounts.

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The pace of battling HIV/AIDs is slowing, due to budget cuts. The pseudoscience behind why men thought women weren’t made to vote. Three Women is an ambitious work that explores the real sex lives of women.  Dealing with autism and consent. Please stop calling child abuse survivors “underaged women.” Directors find it baffling how sexuality is considered more offensive than violence in media. The epic battle over the legacy of the suffragettes. The outdated limitations of queer subtext.  New data on why women’s and men’s risk of Alzheimers is different.

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