Right Wing Pedophilia Conspiracies, Mary Magdalene, & Body Positive Boudoir

Why are right wing conspiracy theories obsessed with pedophilia but ignoring actual sex crimes? New LGBT films you have to see in 2019. Writer learns important lesson limits of fertility science but misses larger lesson of not marrying someone hoping they’ll change. Mary Magdalene was maligned for years by a patriarchal church who refused to acknowledge the importance of a woman. FDA gives alert that Big Penis pill works too well, includes prescription level drugs. Consumer Technology Association’s 2020 conference will feature sex toys category after controversial year.

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The science of why we crave sexual novelty. Trump administration begins enforcing global abortion gag rule. Body positive boudoir photographers around the world. Same-sex couple married in Philly 60 years ago finally get their wedding photos. We need to talk about Amy Winehouse’s eating disorder and its role in her death. The Crane Wife and realizing your needs matter. Intersex folks through history. Free the nipple with jewelry. The importance of sex ed for people with developmental disabilities.

Hat tip to Darryl, Joe, Rachel!

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