Choosing Sterilization, Valkyrie is Bisexual, & Trans Victory in NC

Basic rights women didn’t have until the 1970s. what do LGBT students want their professors to know? 15 year old reports sexual assault, only to be raped by the detective. Choosing sterilization when you’re young and know you don’t want to have kids. Perverse incentives and doing things just because they are bad. Intimate portraits of lesbians throughout the ages. The inventor of the gender reveal party is now against them on principle. Is it Imposter Syndrome or is the workplace toxic, sexist and racist? Valkyrie will be first officially queer main character in MCU. Fashion beyond gender. Yes, a woman can rape a man. Ripple suit offers masturbation options for people with disabilities.

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Life on antidepressants: “I can get an erection; I’m just not interested.” Australian marsupial may go extinct from too much vigorous sex. Sex positive things to do in bed. “I tried to exorcise my sexuality.” Giving a year’s worth of contraceptive pills could save a ton of money, prevent unwanted pregnancies. Trans folks get big victory in North Carolina courts. New South Wales to overturn archaic abortion ban. Do you need a pap smear to get birth control? More anti-scientific misogynoir against Caster Semenya as Supreme Court denies her chance to defend her title. Sex while HIV positive is still illegal in some US States. The complex reality of sex after menopause.

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