Staying Together by Living Apart, Podcast Erotica, & Dudes Who Think Going Green is “Gay”

Why these women prefer sex with bisexual men. The end of “straight.” More older couples stay together by living apart. Sleater-Kinney say music has always centered men’s sexuality historically. An interview with Philly sex educator (and previous podcast guest) Galia Godel. 4 times Margaret Mead challenged social norms. “I’m a 55 year old virgin and I’m worried my life is wasted.” Dating app Bumble, from the perspective of a feminist anthropologist. How podcast erotica was created. A medieval “vagina monologue” poem. Singapore rapper comes out in Gay Boy Ok song. Someday soon, an arm implant to could prevent HIV for a year.  To no one’s surprise, neither Candace Owens or Mario Lopez understands transgender kids.

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California governor to sign bill that protects sex workers who report crimes. An agency’s religious bigotry is keeping same-sex couples from helping refugee kids. A template for texting about STIs before having sex. Marianne Williamson has terrifying takes on disability, HIV and more. Turtle embryos’ sex is determined by temperature, making climate change a big issue. Whatever happened to the mysterious Nobel Prize sperm bank? Ohio politician blames mass shootings on trans people and drag queens. Victoria’s Secret, trying to pull out of their downward tailspin as a company, reverses their discriminatory hiring practice against trans models. Research finds dudes won’t engage in pro-environmental behavior out of fear of being seen as “gay.”

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