Delaying Menopause, TSA Trans Discrimination, & Lovebombing

Mitch McConnell fanboys harass AOC cardboard cutout in viral pic, McConnell’s response sucks. New procedure could delay menopause 20 years. 22% of millennials say they have “no friends,” loneliness study finds. Will the initial chemistry of your romantic relationship be able to last? Exactly how does birth control work? TSA’s tech discriminates against trans people. Tuca & Birdie gave female survivors a roadmap to healing. What America gets wrong about Tracy Flick.

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How to have a happy marriage. 7 books about the power dynamics of sex. Instagram is failing queer sex workers. How to prevent a UTI if you have a vulva. Signs of an abusive relationship– heads up that the article is needlessly gendered. What is lovebombing and is it worse than ghosting? If you can’t orgasm, read this. Unraveling the truth about herpes. What happens when one partner makes more money than another. Florida State Senator says the chamber shouldn’t be allowed to vote on abortion unless at least half the voters are women.

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