Planned Parenthood to Withdraw from Title X, Raising Gender Neutral ‘Theyby,’ & No Such Thing As Love At First Sight

Planned Parenthood goes on the offense, threatens to withdraw from Title X unless court intervenes. Why have Americans resisted government help in child care for so long? The family raising a non-gendered ‘theyby.’

Sexual and reproductive rights for people with disabilities. Chicago exhibit showcases overlooked works of LGBT artists. The widespread suspicion of opposite-sex friendships.  Signs of toxicity to look out for in relationships. The lies that girls are told about sex.

Marika Hackman on being sexual and yet a “virgin.” Wild Flower sex toys and the perpetuation of white supremacy. Living where your sexuality is illegal. Popular show Mistress of a Married Man is challenging norms in Senegal.

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How can you tell if you’re demisexual? Dating app survey finds Indian women cheat out of boredom. 25 sex tips for men. China’s parliament rules out marriage equality.

Welsh town council plans for sex-disrupting toilets was entered in error. Couples who get it on more often are less stressed. World’s first kosher sex store. “Not having sex with my boyfriend in college helped me figure myself out.” How to keep the vacation sex going when you’re back home.

People who use emojis have more sex? Sex and gender are different, including in research. Minneapolis approves workplace protections for strippers. There’s no such thing as ‘love at first sight.’

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