Bicuriosity, Billy Graham Rule, & Emily Doe Comes Forward

Building healthy relationships after growing up in chaos. The chief helping Malawi child brides escape and find education. 7 women of color who fought for gender equality. How cam models changed the landscape of porn forever.

What does it mean to be “bicurious?” NC cop fired for following sexist “Billy Graham Rule.” Most catholic hospitals don’t disclose their healthcare restrictions. Trump administration is asking SCOTUS to allow people to be fired for being LGBT. Gender neutral pronouns can change a culture. Renoir’s ‘problem nudes.’ Medical abortions, available online, have changed abortion access.

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Research finds there’s no single “gay gene.” Intimate photos with Magic City’s exotic dancers. Consent, security and hacking a buttplug. NFL star Ryan Russel comes out as bi. Women with the perfect reply to the question “why don’t you have kids?” what do we really know about male sexual desire? What is ButtCon? Ex-NYPD officers get probation for raping woman in custody.

How do male ‘porn superfans’ really view women? I’m quoted in this piece about the changing landscape of dating for queer and non-monogamous women. Emily Doe (survivor of rapist Brock Turner) comes out with her story. Conversion therapy founder comes out as gay, says the treatment he pushed is harmful. Taking a look at sexual assault on Philly-area campuses.

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