Reddit’s Relationship Forum, Priest Weds Nun, & Women in the Horror Genre

BangBros buys doxing site just to set it on fire. I interviewed Philly’s reigning Drag Queen of the Year, Eric Jaffe, about their upcoming Fringe production, Gay Mis. Reddit’s relationship forums are slowly combatting sexism. What sex therapists want people to know.

Advice for a mom who can’t get over her kid being non-binary. Scientists fear that homophobes will weaponize/misrepresent genetic studies of sexual orientation. Palestinian artist faces boycott calls for depicting Arab sexuality. Do asexual people belong the in LGBT community? Being a lesbian doesn’t make me your work wife.

When ‘Priest Weds Nun’ and changing norms in the Catholic church. The rise of TERFs– anti-trans radical feminists. Researchers find gene that gives immunity to HIV. 14 women sue Lyft for failing to appropriately address sexual assaults.

Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member. DTF is doing a special free episode on a special date (Tuesday September 10!) for Free Fringe! Join Brittany Policastro and me for our Sexual Being intensive weekend-long workshop Oct 12- 13. Philadelphia Burlesque Battle Royale season 8, the graduate course/competition show starts 09/18 at Tabu! Get tickets now for October 18th’s Get You a Babe Who Can Do Both, lightning talks and burlesque by the same babes.

With Facebook’s history of abusing privacy, why would anyone use their dating services? Republicans pull the plug on drag troupe featuring performers with Down Syndrome, allegedly over concern about “informed consent.”

Why do so few women get to work as directors in the genre of horror films? Schools retaliate against sex assault survivors with suspensions for “impropriety.” Charges dropped against 2 of the 6 senior citizens charged for public sex. How many steps does it take to get an abortion in each state?

Anti-groping stamp sells out within first hour of sales in Japan. The history of deeply damaging “conversion therapy.” Teach communication skills, not abstinence. Why are queer people so mean to each other?

Hat tip to Tiffany, Anne, & Icon!

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