Bi Visibility, Doing an Ironman with HIV, & Penis Enlargement Surgery

Watch my talk on bisexuality visibility in celebration of #BiWeek! Things you should read for Bisexual Awareness week. The buried story of male hysteria. “My partner’s Twitch streaming changed my sex life.” Gareth Thomas takes on Ironman contest to break HIV stigma. Study finds Walmart discriminated against women workers. What makes men feel wanted in relationships.

More credible evidence against Brett Kavanaugh. “Himpathy” and our cultural tendency to cater to powerful men’s feelings. Most adults are unaware of the link between HPV and cancer. Arizona Supreme Court OKs discrimination against same-sex couples. Church, desire and the long shadow of “hot Jesus.” Why did former FL governor Rick Scott turn down federal grants for combatting HIV?

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Teen swimmer disqualified for showing too much skin, despite wearing exact same uniform as the rest of her (otherwise white) team. Pennywise, the child-murdering clown loses his queer cred in It 2. Erotic thrillers of the 90s and destructive women. Support site mykidisgay has care packages for the families of trans and non-binary kids.

 Penis enlargement surgery isn’t worth the risks, research finds. Anti-choice forces prove they’re not really about life by going after access to abortion for ectopic pregnancies, which can be life-threatening if not treated. Dr Nerdlove on men, intimacy and the myth of the friendzone. French worker dies after sex on business trip, his company is held liable.

Hat tip to Joe, Darryl, Veronica!

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