Bull Semen Explosion, Sapiosexuality, & Philly’s Trans Job Fair

Massive semen explosion after blaze hits bull insemination facility. Victor Noir and erotic effigy after death. Mark Ronson came out as sapiosexual. HRC and other groups sue to get rid of FOSTA-SESTA.

I’m quoted in this article talking about medical issues many people are scared of talking about. Cesarean babies have different gut bacteria and microbiome than babies born vaginally. Woman was raped by a Lyft driver and the company has stymied all her efforts for justice.

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British Muslims launch first ever LGBT pride festival. Community College of Philadelphia has a nonbinary mascot. To no one’s surprise, FB and Twitter censor the word vagina. The world’s first vagina museum is opening soon! A new project to shine line on LGBT people in rural areas.

Twitch suspends gamer after she wears Chun-Li cosplay. Malik Yoba removed from youth program after he reveals he is attracted to trans women, may have paid a woman for sex when she was a minor. Why the Philly airport held a job fair for trans and nonbinary folks. Why celebrating other women makes you more successful.
Hat tip to Grant, Darryl, Mallory & Anne!

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