“Cute Little Fuckers” on Kickstarter, Long Distance Relationships, & Abortion in Australia

Do people with ADHD have a harder time with monogamy? Nebraska ACLU says prisons are charging too much for tampons. Scranton toy company to make green army women figures. The scandalous sex parties that made Americans hate flappers. “The most powerful women in business wear dresses, not suits.” Mattel launches a line of gender-nonconforming dolls.

Worm with 3 sexes found living in lake. Techniques some couples use to handle long distance relationships. Failures by legislators and tech companies mean an increase in online child sex abuse. Comprehensive sex education is better at helping students avoid sexual violence and abuse.

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Reddit relationship advice for the man who hates having sex with his girlfriend now that he knows she likes curved penises. After all that, Mark Ronson says he’s not actually sapiosexual. Judge says Michigan adoption agencies can deny services to LGBT families.

Abortion finally decriminalized in Sydney, Australia, overturning old laws. Outing a sex worker can have devastating impacts. “The moment I knew my relationship was over.” Cute Little Fuckers, a gender-inclusive sex toy company, gets approval on Kickstarter.

Hat tip to Erica!

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