The Vagina Economy, Did an App Make Him Gay?, and Why is Judy Garland a Gay Icon?

Why do we have so little research into birth control’s impacts on bodies? We also don’t know much about female orgasm but maybe rabbits will show us some stuff. What you need to know about getting a c section. FDA approves second drug to prevent HIV infection.  Rate of twin births drops after decades of increases. People to ignore: some person named Erica Campbell says masturbation is “not pure.” Abstinence-only Christian health clinic receives funds meant for STI prevention.  

The female founders disrupting the vagina economy.  Feeling safe is the foundation of true intimacy. 70 years into the current Chinese government and women are still fighting for equality. From demisexual to aromantic, more LGBT youth are using diverse labels. Is “intimacy anorexia” a thing? A new lens on asexuality.  Using erobots to compare sexual responses to humans and AI.

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Russian man sues Apple for making him gay. Dispelling myths about sexuality education. Three SCOTUS cases could redefine workplace protections for LGBT and everyone else.  Wall Street Journal article hilariously freaks out about how women are earning college degrees at a higher rate than men.

Monogamists less satisfied with relationships than those in consensual non-monogamy. FOSTA-SESTA is hurting online sex education. Why is Judy Garland a gay icon? Oct 8th SCOTUS hears a case determining whether it’s legal to fire someone for being -or seeming- gay. Is redemption possible in the aftermath of #MeToo?

Hat tip to Adam!

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