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Hardcore Adult Film Actress Cadence Lux Opens Up

cadence lux

It’s #TBT and time for a vintage podcast episode! This one originally aired in August of 2015!

Specifying that she wanted to be referred to as an “adult film actress,” the charming Cadence Lux points out that the title “porn star” seems like a brag beyond the level of her success. She’s waiting to win at least an AVN before taking on that title.

This thoughtful humility was pretty representative of talking to her: disarmingly sweet, contemplative and brimming with sensuality. We chatted about her experiences in the adult film industry, how it shapes her personal life, preparing for a shoot, the business side of performing in adult films, her love of music festivals and much, much more!

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2 thoughts on “Hardcore Adult Film Actress Cadence Lux Opens Up

  1. Dear miss lux,back 2018. I just wanted to say I’m truly sorry. My email was hacked and a lot of emails but I did send u emails wondering if u could send a copy of a poitrat that was of me I sent u I am a blues musician that tours ALOT and after a show I was drunk as fuck when after a show.I know that is no excuse. Since the hacking and ofourse my drunk ass behaviour. This summer my band and I r playing in Pennsylvania and I’m sure we will play in Philadelphia it’s a club tour wich I love and I asure u NO EXPECTATIONS.EVEN u decide to come bring a few friends. U said not to email u again but would it be ok to at least this summer to let u know? If u like the blues and blues rock I truly think u will enjoy it. Anyway have a great day and continued success.😊🎸🎼🎵🎶🎶🎶

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