App to “Detect Gay DNA,” Always Removes Venus Symbol, & Tips for Bicurious Men

Air Canada to use gender neutral language. The importance of being growth oriented towards relationships. A god that makes sense to me: on bisexuality & purity culture. Recut soap opera used as birth control education in Uganda.

Abortion and same-sex marriage are now legal in Northern Ireland. Why do chronic pain sufferers sometimes turn to BDSM for relief? How does the morning after pill work (and not work)?

Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member. Philadelphia Burlesque Battle Royale season 8, the graduate course/competition show runs Wednesdays at Tabu! Lucien Greaves & Shiva Honey of the Satanic Temple are coming to Philly 11/03 for a multimedia lecture on the Satanic Panic and a dance party with live ritual.

What accounts for the smell of semen? Why has our online thirst taken a violent turn? Always removes Venus symbol from menstrual products to be more inclusive. Big reasons for women’s loss of sexual desire. Unhealthy relationship patterns set up by childhood neglect.

Scientists call for removal of app claiming to detect gay DNA. Breast cancer and its effects on sexuality. 8 tips for bicurious men. Ernst & Young has super sexist training session – after discrimination lawsuit. Inside the world of Peter Berlin, groundbreaking photographer and gay icon.

Hat tip to Chris, KD!

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