Katie Hill, Giraffe Sexuality, & Drive-Through Brothels

How many people fantasize about mythical creatures? Katie Hill was brought down by the same forces that enabled Weinstein. Federal judge blocks Alabama’s near total abortion ban.  Liberal feminism has a sex work problem. My day as an abortion care provider.

British politicians are fighting over giraffe sexuality. Why are cities building drive-thru brothels? Terrifying GOP candidate compares gun control legislation to using ankle monitors to curb abortion. A Missouri state health director is being investigated for keeping a spreadsheet to track the periods of women who visited Planned Parenthood. Asexuality belongs in the queer community.

Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member. Philadelphia Burlesque Battle Royale season 8, the graduate course/competition show has two more episodes on 11/06 and 11/20! DTF is back this Friday 11/08 with comedian Latice and performance artist Pierre Corvair. Lucien Greaves & Shiva Honey of the Satanic Temple are coming to Philly 11/03 for a multimedia lecture on the Satanic Panic and a dance party with live ritual. Fans of Broadway & Burlesque: check out Take it Off Broadway 11/15 at Ruba Club.

FB won’t get rid of hate speech or propaganda but they will bring down the hammer on sexy peach and eggplant emojis. Don’t fall for Halloween-related sex offender panics about dangers to kids- but do be concerned about real threats like cars. FB denies ads for anti-HIV PrEP drugs because they’re “too political.”

5 men acquitted of rape in Spain because 14 year old victim was unconscious, didn’t “fight back.” Women shouldn’t be afraid of running for office. World’s first “porn university” to open in Colombia. Emma Watson is happy to be “self-partnered.” More pipelines mean more sexual violence threats for indigenous women.

Hat tip to Shannon, Adriano!

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