Hymens, Rosa Parks, & Beware of Obria

7 year old child is in shared custody of parents who disagree on whether they are transgender. Mister Global competition showcases male beauty around the world. What do you do when you’re sick of carrying the mental load for your household?

flyer by Laura Jontz

Students post anonymous warnings of rapist in school, are suspended for bullying. Man hurt in golf cart crash at nudist resort. Female scientists whose findings were credited to men. Nearly half all retail employees report being sexually harassed at work by customers at least 7 times a year.

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Before bus boycotts, Rosa Parks was a sexual assault investigator. Beware of Obria, the anti-choice group trying to replace Planned Parenthood. Panic in Pakistan after 900 children test positive for HIV. Two grooms got married in beautiful traditional Hindu ceremony. Bribie Island’s Birth of Venus female anatomy statue controversy.

“I had a late term abortion. I am not a monster.” Apparently rapper TI believes in patriarchy and virginity and brings his daughter to the gynecologist to confirm her hymen is intact? APA stylebook welcomes singular ‘they.’ Why you shouldn’t buy into “no nut November.”

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