Asexual Dating, CA’s Dropping Teen Birth Rate, & Exploring Queerness When Your Partner is Straight

Health Canada bans the sale of pearls that purport to do magic treatments to vaginas.  What ethical porn really looks like. Houston’s war on sex workers. The key to California’s dropping teen birth rate.  Wednesday is the Trans Day of Remembrance.

Australia’s women footballers get equal pay. Will audio erotica turn you on? Beyond the binary: saying goodbye to boobs. 9 young people on how they discovered they are intersex. Tampons to be taxed as essential, not luxury, in Germany.

Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member. Philadelphia Burlesque Battle Royale season 8, the graduate course/competition show has ONE more episode on 11/20!

Chik Fil A to stop donating to anti-LGBT organizations. Lil Nas X and the value of Black gay life in America. How to explore queerness when your partner is straight. How earnest research into sexual orientation and genetics went wrong. Leaving body positivity to find fat acceptance elsewhere.

Rep Ayanna Pressley calls for decriminalization of sex work. Online dating is extra hard if you’re asexual. PayPal pulls out of PornHub, continuing their policies of hurting sex workers. After difficult childbirth experiences, new parents seek healing. Victorians weren’t as prude as we think.

Hat tip to Rachel, Joe, Grant!

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