Pregnant & Poly, Toxic Texting, & Sex with a Brain Injury

The rise of the malleable sex toy. Weinstein and accusers reach tentative deal for settlement. Pregnant poly woman will raise child with 4 dads. Nothing But Light: a nude photo project that centers consent and collaboration. PrEP and the drop in “HIV Anxiety.”

Signs of relationship toxicity in texting behavior. Atlanta Journal-Constitution asks for disclaimer in Richard Jewell film for portrayal of sex-for-info scene. Pope changes secrecy rules and raises age limit in child sex abuse cases.

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An oral history of that incesty Folgers ad. How colonialism rewrote sexuality rules in South Africa. The medieval poet who wrote against domestic abuse and in favor of vaginas. The backlash against Lizzo is about more than a thong. Sex with a brain injury. Somebody send this video on sex vs gender to JK Rowling after she voiced support for TERF ideas.

LAPD cop charged with fondling corpse. Black mothers get less treatment for postpartum depression. How FOSTA-SESTA just pushed sex trafficking underground. I was on the Breaking Mayberry podcast talking about sex & gender in I Dream of Jeannie. What was popular in porn in 2019?

Hat tip to Erica, Darryl!

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