Grooming Gap, FB’s Pulls False PrEP Ads, & Baboon Mating Habits

Why is Jan 6 known as Divorce Day? Toronto Trans rights activist Julie Berman murdered. “The moment I realized I wasn’t in love anymore.” FB quietly pulls untrue ads about PrEP after LGBT groups object. Chinese researcher who created gene-edited babies sentenced to 3 years in prison.

What is asexuality? What to do about a sexless relationship. Marvel’s first trans hero. How baboon mating habits are affected by STDs. Mafia family drops ban on homosexuality after learning boss’ son is a fabulous drag queen. States are still making exceptions for marital rape? Haunting installation of 440 pairs of black shoes to represent victims of domestic femicide in Turkey.

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  Is Come & Gone a real product? Archie comics are super LGBTQ inclusive now. The Methodist church to split over LGBTQ inclusion. Has violence during consensual sex become normalized? Clinics open to empower Inuit women to give birth closer to home, rather than taking long journeys to English-speaking hospitals.

How does status affect how attractive a man thinks a woman is? While at trial in NY, Harvey Weinstein gets rape charges in LA as well; meanwhile his PR team is trying to smear his accusers. The “grooming gap” and how much it costs to look like a professional woman. Can pedophiles be “cured?”

Hat tip to Adam!

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