Gwyneth Paltrow Sucks, Boys Who Wear Shorts in the Winter, & Janelle Monae Comes Out as Non-Binary

My latest for Philly Weekly is on strippers’ battles for workplace protections. When and how complaining can be good for mental health. German anti-choicers are using a Nazi created law to battle abortion access.

One of the barriers to PrEP use: distrustful partners. Practical tips to improve self esteem. The boys who wear shorts all winter. 39 abortion stories. Surgeries to “restore the hymen” are growing in UK. Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop is dangerous pseudoscience.

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Arizona GOP state senator tries to ban sex ed for elementary and middle school. Man hospitalized after 3 day long erection, after taking bull sex stimulant. Doctors warn against using toothpaste as lube. Data shows Maryland law enforcement destroyed rape kits.

Questions sex ed students always ask. 4 ways sexuality can be fluid. Janelle Monae comes out as gender non-binary. How The Witcher handles sexuality imperfectly, but better than most shows. Why good sex matters for older adults.

hat tip to Melanie, Darryl!

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