SCOTUS Declines Free the Nipple Case, Queer Soup Nights, & Japanese Leader Takes Paternity Leave

9 things science taught us about sex in 2019. Buy this dildo to help Australia! How Elizabeth Warren talks about sexism without calling it that. Grindr, Tinder and OKCupid are sharing really private user information to companies. Queer soup nights help build community.

A public health clinic by and for sex workers. What is reproductive coercion? Man requests katana-based “trial by combat” against ex wife and attorney. Same-sex marriage is now legal in Northern Ireland. SCOTUS declines to hear “free the nipple” case. How far can abuse victims go to protect themselves?

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Greece elects first woman president. At least 6 states are trying to restrict trans minors from getting gender affirming treatments. Federal appeals court rules same-sex parents can both be listed on child’s birth certificate.

University of Kansas seeking couples for male birth control trials. Why is it a big deal that a Japanese politician is taking paternity leave? Second baby born in the US using transplanted uterus from deceased donor.

Hat tip to Shannon, Callie, Darryl, Anne!

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