Penis-Scented Candle, SCOTUS on Birth Control, & Divorce Rates Year by Year

When did the vulva become obscene? 80% of Russia’s female murder convicts acted in self defense against abusers.  How educators are planning to meet the NJ LGBT education mandate. Just one supportive adult can reduce an LGBTQ teen’s odds of attempting suicide by 40%.

Penis scented candle created in response to GOOP’s vagina candle, priced to highlight pay gap. Church of England cements its irrelevance by declaring sex is only for hetero married couples. SCOTUS will hear arguments about birth control coverage. Activists working to clear the conviction of LGBT trailblazer Bayard Rustin.

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The zoo I El Paso that lets you name a doomed cockroach after your ex for Valentine’s Day is doing it again! Abortion to be a key issue in Missouri governor’s race. Tennessee governor signs anti-gay adoption bill. Legalizing same-sex marriage is linked to dramatic drop in LGBT suicide rates. Married couples’ year by year divorce rates.

Kobe Bryant and complicated legacies; WaPo reporter suspended for tweeting about 2003 accusations against him. Black women face greater scrutiny for being polyamorous than white women.

Hat tip to Darryl, Johnny, Shannon!

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