Whitewashing of Reproductive Rights, Dolls with Vitiligo, & Firefighter Fired for Racy IG pic

The new majority behind sex work decriminalization. In South Dakota, doctors could face charges for treating trans teens. One of Trump’s many rape accusers seeks his DNA to compare against sample on her coat.

The whitewashing of reproductive rights history. Army officer denied justice for sexual assault by SCOTUS. Like Russia, Trump administration is rolling back women’s rights by redefining domestic violence and sexual assault.

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Barbie introduces doll with vitiligo, Kens with long hair. WWII women codebreakers hold reunion. Iranian lawyer fighting for right to remove hijab sentenced to 38 years. Inside the culture of harassment at Victoria’s Secret. 200 congressmen, including 8 from PA, send brief to SCOTUS asking for Roe v Wade to be overturned. Texas’ onerous abortion regulations have led to more self-induced abortions.

Why inequality in the bedroom matters. Firefighter sues after being fired for racy Instagram pic. Woman bites off man’s tongue after telling him to stop trying to use it during a kiss.

Hat tip to Heather, Anna, Anne, Darryl!

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