Woman With Four Breasts, Disgust Response and Arousal, & Church of England Apologizes

White people and “discomfort” around Shakira and JLo’s halftime performance. The event I helped curate with the Franklin Institute made this list of fun things to do in Philly! Oscars reject ad for postpartum support as “too graphic.” Research on disgust response and sexual arousal. The so-called “ultimate feminist” defending Weinstein and blaming victims.

Woman with “four breasts” finally gets surgery she wanted. If we knew trans history, we’d thank Black trans women. Claude McKay’s book on queer love and postcolonialism was so far ahead of its time it took 87 years to find a publisher.Was a Philly gayborhood bar closed due to homophobia or are they just displacing blame? What it’s like to be a traveling stripper.

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Clearview AI facial recognition software is being used to find child sexual abuse victims. Muslim sex educator says god wants us to orgasm. Church of England apologizes for saying sex is only for married hetero couples. The Catholic Church’s position on abortion was super different before 1869. In case you were curious or a state legislator: a fetus can’t feel pain prior to the third trimester.

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