Gender & AITA, Hookups & Battery Life, & Making Your Marriage Gayer

Using porn to rewrite the script on consent. Is asexuality a physical or psychological thing? Science won’t settle issues of transgender rights. Same-sex attraction isn’t an evolutionary paradox, actually. Switzerland just made it illegal to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. Trans employees saying Starbucks is letting them down.

The ‘woke’ men who still want housewives. What if we taught kids that sex was supposed to feel good? Ted Cruz takes the bait on proposed Alabama law that would require men over 50 to get vasectomies, proving he’s only interested in reproductive freedom for men.

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A data analysis of Reddit’s AITA and responses to posters based on gender. Men are more likely to agree to a hookup when their phones are low on battery. What to know about giving yourself an abortion. Trans and intersex kids should have a say in their healthcare. A key to battling HIV is empowering African women.

City of Lakeland closes park because of snake orgy. Armed robbers using apps to con men into meeting up. Pope says no to proposal for married priests in remote areas. How to make your marriage gayer. Why we need to talk about sex and disability. How kinky families balance sex-positive parenting.

Hat tips to Michael, Darryl!

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