Licences for Strippers?, Freebirth, & Utah Decriminalizes Polygamy

Sex with Timaree was named one of the best podcasts in Philly! Utah senate to decriminalize polygamy. So you think you want a strong, independent woman. A heartbreaking story of “freebirth” and a well-meaning movement that has gone too far.

My latest piece for Philly Weekly is on the perilous state of abortion access in PA. Harvey Weinstein found guilty. Scotland is one step closer to making period products all free. California bill would require cam girls, porn performers and strippers to be licensed. Love, Simon pulled from Disney+ for not being “family friendly.”

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Doctor warns: don’t treat piles by shoving frozen potatoes up your bum. Could ovarian cancer be detected as easily as a blood test? Throwback: 10 facts about the penis. African Himba tribe gives a new way of thinking about paternity. 20 times women posed as men and made history.

HIV vaccine trials fizzle. Mike Pence, who wildly mismanaged HIV in his home state and refuses to be alone with a woman who is not his wife, is in charge of corona virus in the US. Texas wants to reduce abortions but is also making it harder for teens to get contraceptives.

Hat tip to Kwabena, Darryl, Anne, Shannon, Anna!

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