Intimacy Coordinators, Parthenogenesis, & Sex Workers Deal with COVID19

Intimacy coordinators help keep actors safe in love scenes in movies. KY lube’s subtle rebranding.  Why don’t doctors take women’s endometriosis symptoms seriously? What it takes to be a trans athlete in high school sports.

DNA test shows lizard has triplets without sex. Principal demands advanced approval of prom dresses. Drag Race’s Sherry Pie out of the season finale after it’s revealed she catfished multiple men. Vintage games and lessons about gender.

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Mom fights back against Utah school regulation that no one can say “no” to a request to dance. Sex workers in Seattle face economic consequences of Coronavirus.

Last of Us video game character to remain gay in TV version.  Space pioneer Christina Koch hopes her records are broken one day by other women. Study finds long-term effectiveness in PrEP. Challenges to women’s sexuality and pleasure.

Hat tip to Rachel, Darryl!

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