Get To Know The Clitoris, Is Gus Fring Gay?, and Why Females Live Longer

Musician, provocateur Genesis P-Orridge dies at 70. Study finds gender is a bigger barrier to queer women’s success in construction than orientation. Meta-analysis finds: the more older brothers a man has, the more likely he is to identify as gay. Essay: Thank god I’m gay.

Jumbo and Never Rarely Sometimes Always: New films by women directors tackle female sexuality. Why we all need to know more about the clitoris. Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul seems to be indicating more and more that Gus Fring is gay. Indonesian women protest for sexual rights.

Research on the reasons people don’t have sex. Essay: “lessons from my grandmother on art, sex, and life. “I pee after sex but keep getting UTIs– what’s the deal?” In 2020, both men and women are likely to consider having sex with a robot. Scientists study why female mammals live longer than males.

Coronavirus news: NYC health guidelines on sex in the era of COVID-19. Condom shortages and sex toy sales are impacted. It’s time for the lost art of phone sex to come back. How coronavirus will impact different facets of life and relationships in the future. How pandemics affect men and women differently. Texas and Ohio halt abortion access during crisis. In the wake of quarantine, the “pro-life” movement’s hypocrisy is thrust into the light.

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