Playboy Ends Print Edition, Idaho Is Transphobic, & RIP Lorena Borjas

How to clean your ass before anal sex. The strange story of an oddly sexual international scam artist. Playboy is ending its print edition; “I was an accidental Playboy pinup.” The men who leave their spouses when they’re sick. Idaho is the first state to ban trans athletes. Joe Biden accused of sexual assault.

Essay: the most important thing you’ll ever learn about sex.  Does masturbation help your immune system? Singapore’s top court upholds criminalization of same-sex activity. Is PrEP as dangerous  as some Facebook ads suggest?

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In quarantine news:

Philly Weekly gives the SWT podcast a shout out in its list of things to check out while staying home. What you need to know about sex and coronavirus. Coronavirus bill allows for pretax spending on menstrual products. Rest in power Lorena Borjas, activist for Latinx and sex worker rights.

A letter from an anarchist Quaker to calm your anxiety. Disaster relief application explicitly excludes sex workers. How to maintain your relationship during quarantine. Doctors can’t use COVID-19 antibodies from gay men or anyone taking PrEP. What coronavirus anxiety might do to your sex drive.

Hat tip to Rachel, Darryl, Shanna!

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