Human-Neanderthal Hookups, Another Gender Reveal Ends in Disaster, & Amazon Still Shipping Dildos

Utah’s porn warning label goes into law without governor’s signature. Genome study finds humans and Neanderthals got it on a lot in Eurasia. In flagrante dilecto: fly sex found in millions years old fossil. Another gender reveal party ends in utter destruction.

Which profession has the biggest gender pay gap? Representations of gender in paintings and illustrations of honor killings. Gender-affirming IDs are linked with reduction in suicide rates.

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Republicans are using the coronavirus to strip away abortion rights. How the pandemic is affecting intimacy. Domestic violence cases growing during quarantine. Amazon is definitely still sending out sex dolls and dildos. Bangladesh sends food aid to sex workers as industry goes into lockdown.

COVID19 seems to be killing more men than women. Panama & Peru limit movement by gender to slow virus. COVID19 might set back gender equality by decades, but it doesn’t have to. Relationship advice for couples quarantined together.

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