History of Oral, Camming in Quarantine, & Police Target Men Through Grindr

I was asked to explain 7 of women’s most common sexual fantasies. Historic slang for having sex from 1351 through today. A brief history of oral sex from ancient China to DJ Khaled. Police target/arrest men through Grindr.  

A sexy spell for women to seduce men found in ancient papyrus. Christians rage against NHS sexuality education site, claiming it encourages underage sexual activity. Pakistan’s young population would benefit from sex education. The intersection of race and STIs.

Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member. Saturday the 18th at 8 pm: join HoneyTree EvilEye for Marathong2: as she attempts to do 4 burlesque acts in 30 minutes on Instagram live at @timbalingling.

Camming in the era of quarantine.What it’s like to be pregnant or a new parent during COVID19. Is quarantine leading to an increase in online child sex abuse livestreams? Sex toy sales triple in New Zealand during lockdown.

Oregon’s illustrated quarantine sex PSA puts NYC’s to shame. Will single people ever have sex again? Planned Parenthood NY promises continued help despite layoffs and closures. Nightclubs in Mexico allegedly offering “home delivery” of trafficked girls.

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