Nude Selfie as High Art, Getting Experimental During Lockdown, & Rebecca Black Comes Out

Postcoital dysphoria has been found in women, new study finds inexplicable sadness after sex among men as well. ACLU to challenge ban of trans athletes in Idaho. Editorial on nude selfies being high art. Her colleagues watched and shared her OnlyFans account, but she was the one let go from her job. More identities outside of gay, straight and bisexual. How #MeToo is grappling with accusations against Joe Biden.

Rebecca Black explains how her song “Friday” helped her come out. Pediatricians don’t discuss sexuality enough with teen males. The subject of Hugh Jackman movie Bad Education objects to how his sexuality is portrayed. Cringe-worthy Oprah interview of Dennis Rodman about his sexuality recirculates.

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My latest for Philly Weekly: How are strippers and sex workers surviving quarantine, considering the federal government’s sex negative bailout and social media prudery? Abortion access during COVID19, state by state. Safety tips for masturbating with household objects. Coronavirus is not transmitted sexually. Apparently people are getting more experimental during lockdown.

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One thought on “Nude Selfie as High Art, Getting Experimental During Lockdown, & Rebecca Black Comes Out

  1. Social distance and isolation have been good to my creative spirit.

    Last week I perfected the world’s first “Ejector Pants!” I hope to see Levi Strauss take an interest in marketing these engineering marvels.

    This week I have been developing 32 new ways to use and abuse linguini, 27 of which are delightfully obscene and, if not exactly within the law, are at least not yet prohibited by existing laws!

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