Zoom Orgies, Copyright of the Bi Flag, & COVID19 in Semen

The erotic chaos and suspense of a zoom orgy. SCOTUS to consider whether it’s constitutional for HIV/AIDs grants to require recipients state their opposition to sex work as well as a case about employers with religious objections to birth control.  Sudan bans female genital mutilation

No, BiNet, you can’t copyright the bi pride flag. Are we hard-wired for longing? Trailing women with a camera is legal, appeals court rules. What colleges need to know about the new Title IX rules. Changing the face of sexuality education in Vietnam.

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Judge rules strip clubs are entitled to pandemic financial relief. How New Zealand’s social safety net is taking care of sex workers while in lockdown. While OnlyFans makes bank under quarantine, they cut a source of income from the long-time performers who built their site’s success.

COVID19 detected in semen. Will any of the few remaining lesbian bars survive the pandemic? When you have gender feels during quarantine. How do we feel dating during a pandemic?

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