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DTF at Your House: COVID-mindful Sex Positions, P0rn on Social Media & Name that Bisexual!

During all of this *gestures vaguely* Darryl and I are committed to bringing you content that lifts your spirits and other parts with DTF Darryl and Timaree Fun Hour weekly episodes! It’s the long-running show of hilarious quips by comedian Darryl Charles and yours truly.

And we brought FRIENDS! This week features DC comedian Eddie Lilies and Kitana Kedavra of the metal/BDSM burlesque show, SlutChurch! (Note: since this recording SlutChurch postponed their virtual show to June 27th!)

Grab Darryl’s new comedy album, Black Gentrifier, on Bandcamp and sign up for Dr Timaree’s daily virtual workouts at SweatWithTimaree.com. If you like the episode feel free to toss tips. Venmo Darryl_Charles or Timaree-Schmit. It’s also helpful to just share the link to the video! See more at DTF’s page on Facebook!

DTF is edited by Flirt Vonnegut. Theme song for DTF by JSwagg, Skript, Daze & Momo!

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