Home Birth Trends, Rough Sex Defense, & Asexual Fiction

Seattle City Council ends loitering laws for drugs and sex workers. Home birth trends during Coronavirus ignore realities for Black women. “Rough sex gone wrong” defense for abuse to be banned in UK. Trump praises AIDS vaccine that doesn’t exist.

Tennessee passes most restrictive abortion law in the US, banning abortion before most people realize they’re pregnant. Finding Black queer love in US literature. Two years after founder comes out as gay, one of the nation’s largest ‘conversion therapy’ organizations disbands.

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8 asexual books to enjoy during Pride month. Interactive article: one year on testosterone. Movies to watch when you’re struggling with your queerness. Sexuality and teens with autism, featuring a cameo by friend of the site Martha Tara Lee. Are men afraid of sexual experimentation? How COVID19 behaves like an STI. The evolution and erasure of Wolverine’s sexuality. Things you may not know about period sex.

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