dtf / Podcast

DTF at Your House with KeithFromUpDaBlock & Kemar Jewel

DTF: Darryl and Timaree Fun Hour: Quarantine Edition! Comedian Darryl Charles and sexuality educator Dr Timaree take on sexuality bits in the news for your entertainment and sometimes learning!
This episode features comedian and musician KeithfromUpDaBlock and internationally renowned director and choreographer Kemar Jewel! We talk about Trump’s lie about an AIDS vaccine, UK’s end of the “rough sex defense” and we play Where In the World is this Public Nudity?

Subscribe to the DTF podcast on anchor https://anchor.fm/dtfshow! Buy Darryl’s new comedy album, Black Gentrifier on Band Camp and check out Timaree’s online workout program at sweatwithtimaree.com. DTF is edited by Flirt Vonnegut. Theme song is DTF by JSwagg, Skript, Daze & Momo!

Catch Kemar’s latest video: Vogue 4 Black Lives Matter, filmed at Stonewall Inn!

and catch KeithFromUpDaBlock’s latest album Covid Theory

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