Something Positive for Positive People: an Interview with Courtney Brame

When quarantine started, I figured “well, that’s the end of meeting new people.”

But thanks to a zoom birthday party put together by friend and multi-time podcast guest Britney Policastro, I met the incredible Courtney Brame.

Like many sexually active adults, Courtney has herpes. And like most Americans, he was raised with inaccurate ideas about STIs, like the notion they are shameful and will keep a person from living a full, loving life. The diagnosis hit him hard, prompting depression and suicidal thoughts.

The talented athlete and fitness professional knew he wasn’t alone with these feelings and set out to create a podcast that would serve as an educational resource for others.

This was the beginning of Something Positive for Positive People, a project that expanded to become a sex-positive non-profit organization, helping people discard stigma in favor of knowledge and empowerment.

We had an incredible chat about his experiences, the organization, the ways in which systems of education and healthcare have let down men of color, and dating with an STI.

Questions? Comments? Violent reactions? Email sexwithtimaree@gmail.com or tweet @timaree_leigh See more: http://www.facebook.com/sexwithtimaree and http://tinyurl.com/swtpod

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