Defeat the EARN IT act, What Happens if you Don’t Have Sex, & Pansexual Celebs

Young adults are having sex less frequently.  The EARN IT act is going to be even more dangerous for sex workers than FOSTA SESTA. The city of Somerville expands domestic partnerships to include polyamorous relationships. Will sex scenes survive the pandemic? Some gay men embrace a new normal in time of COVID19. Sex, social distancing and the fall semester.  

What happens to your body if you don’t have sex for awhile? How porn changes the way teens think about sexuality.  SCOTUS upholds abortion rights, knocks down Louisiana law that would require unnecessary admitting privileges for doctors. Twitch reckons with sexual assault as the platform begins banning streamers. How to tell if your love will survive pandemic lockdown.

Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member. Get You a Babe Who Can Do Both: lightning talks & burlesque is back with a virtual show July 10th!  Philly Dance Fitness showcases students and pro burlesque performances at Take it Off: Online! On July 11th.

The Animal Crossing buttplug. Google doc about lesbianism goes viral. LGBT people share the pop culture moment where they realized their sexual awakening. She-Ra creator on making her lead character gay and inspiring a movement. The threat of female sexuality in horror films like The Witch, Picnic at Hanging Rock and The Falling.

Man claiming to be addicted to sex sues Twitch about “suggestive” female gamers. Celebs who have come out as pansexual. A cartoon guide to taking your tongue cross cuntry. HUD rule will allow federally funded homeless shelters to turn away trans people. The racist history of bans on abortion and midwifery.

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