Strongest Vibrators, Stilettos in Philly, & Colorado Bans “Gay Panic” Defense

So maybe coronavirus can be spread sexually and cause male infertility. Fertility rate crashing around the world. The strongest vibrators for when your love affair with the Magic Wand ends. Instagram and FB to ban content selling damaging “conversion therapy.”

My latest for Philly Weekly is on Stilettos, the organization of Black and brown strippers fighting against racism and colorism in clubs. Thailand will be the first southeast Asian country to legalize same-sex unions. Jolene: the first ever trans-inclusive strip night in America. Colorado becomes 11th state to ban “LGBT panic” defense.

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Colorado makes it illegal for fertility doctors to use their own sperm for inseminations. Latest studies on the effects of marijuana on sexuality. What is skin hunger and why are we freaking out during lockdown? What to do about unsolvable relationship problems. Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and the latest Fox News sexual abuse lawsuit.

Crash test dummies, restrooms and heart research: 7 every day inequalities that women face. Ontario couple turned down for wedding videography by homophobic company. The sexist legacy of the progressive universe of Star Trek. Turning sexual shame into a teacher. The silent killer of loving relationships.

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