“Penis Man” Arrested, The Fertility Equality Movement, & Hiding Velma’s Queerness

Betsy Devos changed up the way colleges deal with sexual assault allegations, but some feminist academics are surprisingly supportive of the changes. A real actual headline: “penis man” arrested, says there are more penis men. How are contemporary photographers tackling HIV? What is vaginismus? Sex is not supposed to hurt. Inside the fertility equality movement.

The intersection of misogyny and white supremacy. Trump’s proposed homeless shelter rules don’t outright ban trans people but may require trans women to go to men’s shelters and includes a bullshit rules on how to spot a trans woman.

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The evangelical women abandoning Trump and the church in the wake of #MeToo. Howard Cruse, the godfather of queer comics. What’s different about the sexual issues that draw men into health clinics now versus in the past? Pennsylvania allows for non-binary gender option on driver’s licenses and state IDs.

“Is it sexist that I was relieved my wife had an affair with a woman and not a man?” Warner Brothers tried to hide Velma’s sexuality in Scooby Doo movies. How to find a sex positive therapist. An interview with Michaela Coel on I May Destroy You. The grief process of chronic illness and sexuality.

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