Disney’s Poor LGBT Representation, Beginner’s Guide to Dating Women, & Rise of Cop P0rn

After 9 years of incarceration, Ky Peterson, the Black trans sexual assault victim who killed his attacker, is released from prison. What’s up with the rise of cop porn? A tale of queer Appalachia. Man who loses penis to infection has new one grown on his arm.

Straight TV couples that helped me realize I’m gay.” The bisexual beginners guide to dating women as an adult. Queer comedians you should know (who aren’t white lesbians). 10 royally powerful sex toys for Leo season and beyond.

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The epidemic of police committing sexual violence. SCOTUS fails LGBTQ and disabled students in the name of freedom of religion. Queer representation in the Emmy nominations and the shutout of Pose. Delphine Diallo’s portraits of LGBTQ elders.

In April the FDA updated rules on blood donations from men who have sex with men, but they didn’t go far enough. Lurie hospital in Chicago vows to end surgery on intersex children. GLAAD report finds Disney has poor LGBT representation.

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