Matrix is a Trans Narrative, FKA Twigs Fundraising, & Satanic Abortion

OnlyFans creator sues for stolen content. Lily Wachowski confirms The Matrix was a trans narrative. One legacy of the pandemic may be less stigma for the childfree. FKA Twigs’s fundraising to support sex workers during the pandemic.

The Satanic Temple announces abortion is an official ritual, in the wake of SCOTUS rulings about “religious freedom.” Meet Texas Isaiah, the first trans photographer to shoot a Vogue cover.  The EU will not provide funding to anti-gay European towns who declare themselves “LGBT-free zones.”

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Meet the badass black women combating gender inequality and hypersexualization in sports journalism. How to find a gender affirming doctor. National Labor Board rules in favor of strippers who want to unionize. How trump is trying to block LGBT immigrants from coming to the US. Body issues: the cartoon body image project. What 3 words are the biggest turn on?

The biggest problems between couples about to divorce. Black women have long celebrated sexuality in music. Mormon couple talks about their “mixed-orientation” marriage. How did it work out for people who texted an ex during lockdown? Boy Parts explores taboo relationship between female sexuality and violence. Robotext uses homophobia and blood donation to defame gay politician in Florida.

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2 thoughts on “Matrix is a Trans Narrative, FKA Twigs Fundraising, & Satanic Abortion

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