International Surrogacy, “I Flushed My Wife’s Birth Control,” and Berlin Brothels Reopen

Dear Prudie: “I flushed my wife’s birth control and she’s still mad about it.” The science of willpower, happiness and emotions. The biggest challenge to abortion rights just flew under the media’s radar. Travel bans are wreaking havoc on international surrogacy.

Film historian on Madchen in Uniform, the first lesbian film. The nudes aren’t going away, Katie Hill is OK with that. A roundtable on Black Lives Matters in an LGBTQ space. What to do if your kids ask what WAP means. Researchers find people use “mirror-touch” during sexual interactions.

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ICE guards systematically sexually abusing detainees. What to do when your partner isn’t sure about being with you.  It’s the centennial of the 19th amendment, which granted voting rights to women. Learn about the antis: women who were against getting the vote. Judge halts rollback of trans rights.

Berlin’s brothels reopen but sex is not allowed. Belief in sex with demons runs deep in Christian and Jewish religions. QAnon is using the anti-trafficking movement’s playbook. 5 reasons women don’t like to have sex– and how to fix them. A broader view of sexuality in prisons is needed to help inmates transition into freedom. Bisexuality research paper draws criticism.  

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