Larry Flynt’s Farewell to the Falwells, Ace Added to Dictionary, & Glory Holes on the Rise

Ron Jeremy hit with 20 more sexual assault accusations. Larry Flynt’s final farewell to the Falwells. “I’m missing both arms, here’s how I have sex.” Victory for Afghan women as mothers’ names will be added to the documents, alongside fathers’. GOP Senators trying to ban abortion pill, wrongly claiming it’s dangerous.

Ace, biromantic and other LGBTQ terms added to dictionary. Common pitfalls of polyamory. “I’ve only dated women but I enjoy flirting with men online. Am I bi?” Don’t be so surprised by the sexy Falwell accusations. Everything you need to know about using your tongue.

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Hyper-realistic VR sex is now within reach. The “hottest” sex these readers ever had. What it’s like to have sex with a man twice your age. Canada’s chief medical officer suggests wearing masks during hookups. Danes change the law to categorize sex without consent as rape. Half of US Christians say casual sex is sometimes or always acceptable.

Do Trump fans know Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” is about sex when they play it at rallies? Glory holes are on the rise in the era of COVID. Gender reveal sparks giant fire that spreads to 7,000 acres. “I discovered I was intersex when I was 38 and I’m not ashamed about it.”

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