Arpaio Welcomes Furries, Andrew Gillum Comes Out as Bi, & Emily Ratajkowski Fights for Ownership of Her Image

Caster Semenya will be forced to change her body to compete with other women runners. The lesbian film Desert Hearts is still radical, a quarter century later. “I let my child create their own gender identity.” Asking dating app matches why they ghost women. Archives of the evolution of asexuality. Inspiring quotes from LGBTQ celebs.

Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio does welcome video for furry convention on Cameo, before learning what it is. Andrew Gillum comes out as bisexual after scandal. RIP sex researcher Shere Hite, whose report on female sexuality changed the world. Doubling down, JK Rowling writes transphobic book.

Happy #BisexualVisibilityWeek!

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Taking online dating into the real world in the era of social distancing. Are gender reveal parties cursed? Trans Satanic anarchist wins Republican primary for sheriff in New Hampshire. Whistleblower says forced hysterectomies are being performed on detainees at ICE facilities.

It’s Bisexual Visibility Week- here’s a shout out to the underappreciated bisexual men. Model Emily Ratajkowski on having to buy her image back. At what ages are people most unhappy, on average? What we could learn from a sex offender counselor. Why biological studies on queer people do more harm than good. Netflix defends Cuties film as examination of sexualization of young girls.
Hat tip to Erica!

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