World’s Oldest Sperm Cells, Writing of Audre Lorde, & Judith Butler Owns JK Rowling

World’s oldest sperm cells found trapped in amber. CA governor Newsom signs bill expanding definition of sex offenders. Med students can’t provide abortions if they never learn how. Staying sexy as we age. How to find your authentic sexual self. A timely collection of writing by Audre Lorde.

Louisville, KY finally banned conversion therapy, which is still legal in half the US. Has COVID spelled the end of casual sex? “I don’t find men or women attractive. Am I asexual?” what flirting tactic have researchers found works best on men? In the 70s racism led to Black women being sterilized against their will.  The Pope says to love gay kids as they are.

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“The tragedy of heterosexuality.” Being unemployed and trans in the pandemic. Most sex ed stresses abstinence– here’s how parents can fill in the gaps of needed knowledge. Judith Butler on culture wars, TERFs and living in anti-intellectual times. September 23rd is both Bisexual Visibility Day and Sexual Freedom Day!

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