Bisexual Movies, STI Testing Rates, & 2 SCOTUS Judges Think Marriage Equality Should Be Overturned

GOP Senator introduces needless transphobic bill that would require genital exams of teen girls in sports and there is an accelerating war on trans athletes in schools. 16 bisexual movies you need to see. CDC says STI testing has plummeted during COVID era. How lesbian music label Olivia shook up the industry.

How do Trump and Biden compare on abortion? A history of trans voter disenfranchisement. Canada’s first 24/7 shelter specifically for sex workers to open in Vancouver. Immigrants say they were pressured into unnecessary surgeries.

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Is your favorite on the list of banned books? Raid in Vietnam yield more than 300,000 used condoms being repackaged for sale. Switzerland debates paid paternity leave. Inspiring LGBTQ+ books for all age levels. San Diego Loyal team forfeits game in protest after homophobic slur is aimed at openly gay player.

Unemployment numbers show that almost 4 times more women left the workforce than men. The definitive oral history of Reddit’s amateur porn. A history of the cum shot in porn. Gay men hijack the #ProudBoys tag. Two SCOTUS judges say marriage equality should be overturned. Pantone releases “Period Red” to combat menstruation stigma.

Hat tip to Robert, Griff!

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