Vaginal Cleaning Brush, Sugar Baby Marketing, & the iPod of Haptics

With Roe v Wade on the line, some states are taking steps to protect abortion rights. A sugar daddy considers voicing his objections to his sugar baby’s marketing. Djokovic in silly tennis pay gap controversy. Superdrug introduces more inclusive period products for “people who menstruate.”

Lesbian baker fulfils homophobic trolling cake order. Internet famous gynecologist Dr Gunter slams “vaginal cleaning brush” product. What Americans can do to prevent HIV/AIDS. Priest arrested for threesome with dominatrices on the church altar. Did gender play a role in the VP debate interruptions?

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Anti-choice groups don’t mind that Trump used drug tested using aborted fetal cells. Queer-owned sex shops to check out. How to watch porn with a partner for the first time. The race to build the iPod of haptics and teledildonics. How has COVID been affecting relationships? WTF is Coronalingus? What is the best age to get divorced?

Hat tip to Robert, Griff!

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