Pen15es on TV, LGBT Wedding Rush, & Future of Abortion

Boston children’s hospital will no longer perform two types of intersex surgery on kids. More penises are appearing on TV but why are most of them prosthetics? Temple Human Sexuality professor shuts down misogynistic student in zoom class, celebrated on TikTok.

“Good looking for an Asian,” and shedding white supremacy’s ideas of masculinity. COVID and the myth that women opt out of the workforce. Can demographics predict your fantasies? LGBT couples rush to wed amid confirmation of ACB to the SCOTUS.

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Instagram supposedly changes “breast squeezing” policy after Black activist points out racist, fatphobic double standards of enforcement. ACLU calls for full decriminalization of sex work. In eugenics news: Dutch researchers suggest forced contraceptives for “vulnerable women.”

What’s the association between contraception and climate change? The future of abortion in a post-Roe America. The latest on #Medkini and sexism in science fields. The “whoosh” and a trick to transform your relationships.

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