Female Hunter Discovery, Poland Delays Abortion Ban, & Asexual Role Models

Documentary about Betty Dodson is free right now, after she passed away on Halloween; her death was a loud and proud process. Almost half of queer republicans wish they were straight. Historic gender gap in the US 2020 election. Prehistoric female hunter discovery upends gender role assumptions about our ancestors.

Poland delays abortion ban after massive nationwide protests. Sarah McBride makes history as first openly trans state senator. Mondaire Jones is the first openly gay Black man elected to the House. My latest PW column is on sex becoming less frequent in long-term relationships.

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What’s the correlation between political affiliation and sexual preferences? Model Yasmin Benoit has become a role model for asexuality. How to be upfront about your sexuality when dating. How the waterbed became a sex thing. Intimately just made it easier to find disability-inclusive lingerie. Trump admin gives up legal fight to deny same-sex couples’ kids’ citizenship.

New HIV diagnoses among gay and bi men in the UK the lowest in decades. Most Americans think LGBTQ people are legally protected from discrimination- they’re not.  Saving sex ed during COVID. Thathri Kutty: the woman who challenged Brahminism through her sexuality. Best LGBTQ TV shows you can watch right now. The rise of platonic co-parenting.

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